Medical/Record Retrieval

On-Line Order Entry and Work Order Status

Knox offers clients convenient and secure access to account information via our website. Each client is assigned a unique username and password.

Fast on-line order processing is available for:
• Record Retrieval (medical, business, employment, scholastic)
• Blueprints
• Audio / Video / CD / DVD Duplication
• X-rays
• Oversize Reproduction / Reduction
• Pick Up and Delivery
• On-Site Scanning & Imaging

Knox Services updates orders placed on-line daily, offering the opportunity for the client to check any order status at your convenience.

Medical/Business/Employment Records

Knox offers a full range of portable scanning services for the production of medical, employment and business records. We will reproduce, cover sheet, tab, index and deliver your order when and where you want it done-efficiently and expediently.

We retrieve records throughout the Southwest and are an active member of a National Coalition of legal support firms in the USA.

Member NAPPS (National Association of Photocopiers and Process Servers)
Member: CALSPro (California Association of Legal Support Professionals

On-Site Scanning & Imaging

Our professional, registered and bonded deposition officers can scan up to 8,000 pages a day (depending on the condition and preparation of the documents. Our San Diego laboratory can provide short turn-around for your microfilming needs. Two-day turn-around is available without additional charge, while we can accommodate same-day turnaround on urgent requests.

Large Document Production

Our specialty is handling large on-site (any site, anywhere) productions. We can scan, bates label, index, and tab in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The documents are scanned, then immediately taken to our lab where they are processed, imaged, and scanned to either paper or CD-ROM; then they are quality control checked and delivered to the client.

X-Ray/Blueprint/Audio/Video Tape/DVD Duplication

Knox operates its own X-Ray and blueprint duplication lab and has the capability to produce X-Rays and blueprints using our specialized mobile production van. X-Rays and blueprints can be copied anywhere (in our Copy and Digital Reprographics department location, or on-site—we have portable equipment) and delivered to your office within 48 hours.

In addition, Knox provides duplication services for video tapes (all sizes), audiocassettes, mini-cassettes and Compact Discs (CD) and Digital Video Discs (DVD).

Bates Labeling/Pagination/Indexing

Knox can accurately and efficiently paginate scanned documents. We provide a table of contents specifying bates number ranges and section titles with corresponding tabs based on your specific instructions.

Our labeling software allows us to add prefix, suffix or comments to your documents.

Subpoena Preparation

Knox can prepare, issue, and serve any and all subpoena types, whether for records or for personal appearance. Civil, WCAB or arbitration—Knox can prepare the form to meet your requirements. In addition, we offer the following forms services:

• Notice of Deposition
• Notice to Consumer
• Notice to Opposing Counsel

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