The Value Proposition of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a strategic management tool that allows an organization to focus on its core competencies to maintain an edge in increasingly competitive marketplaces. Simply, outsourcing non-core yet critical business functions enables an organization to be more effective, to be more efficient and to reduce costs.

An organization will typically save between 9% to 13% through outsourcing document management functions (Gartner Group).

Organizations choose outsourcing to gain competitive advantages for both strategic and tactical reasons.

Strategic Reasons
  • Improve Business Focus
  • Access to World-Class Capabilities
  • Accelerated Reengineering Benefits
  • Share Risks
  • Free Resources For Core Focus
Tactical Reasons
  • Reduce Costs or Control Expenses
  • Make Capital Funds Available
  • Cash Infusion
  • Resources not Available Internally
  • Function Difficult to Manage or Out of Control

Whether you are considering outsourcing for strategic or tactical reasons, Knox Services can deliver world-class results.

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