Electronic Data Discovery

Electronic Data Discovery Services expand your ability to properly manage the ever increasing mass of evidence found on electronic media. Our turnkey Electronic Data Discovery Services include everything from data capture and extraction to providing our clients with a document management solution for the review of their E-Discovery jobs. We are able to consult our clients on the best Electronic Data Discovery procedures and assist with the entire discovery process.

Electronic Data Discovery

Examining, extracting, processing and production of any electronic data files from media sources (Hard Drives, CDs, DVDs, Tape Backups, etc).

Forensic Data Extraction

Extract data from an original source and preserve any and all metadata without altering the original source.

Deleted File Recovery

Find and recover items that may have been intentionally or unintentionally removed from a media source.

Email Extraction and Processing

Search email servers/data files and extract requested data. After extracted information is processed, it can be delivered in a customized searchable user friendly format.

File Conversion

Multiple digital (Excel, Word Perfect, PowerPoint, emails, etc) can be converted into PDF/TIFF documents. This allows the user to view all information in one standard format and eliminate the need to install multiple applications to review native documents.

Forensic Data Duplication

Create a forensic duplicate of your original material while preserving any and all metadata without tampering or changing any properties of the original source material.

File De-duplication

Compare files within a selected source and filter any duplicate files based on requested parameters.

Hosted Review

Let us host your next big data base with secure on-line review applications. Certified Concordance® administrators on staff.

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