Digital Document Services

Knox Services allows your business to have instant access to critical information, any time and anywhere. Starting this service in 1976, our experience in image capture is unsurpassed in the industry. We capture millions of images each year.

We manage your documents from paper to electronic image and back again. Our imaging services include:

Image Capture

On-site or in our facility

Paper Direct

Auto Scanning – 200dpi to 400dpi – B/W – Group IV Tiff
Color Scanning – 100dpi to 1200dpi – Tiff, JPG, BMP and other

Digital File Output

TIFF Group IV – Non-proprietary image format. B/W Documents
Multi-Page TIFF – More than one page/image per file, similar to a PDF
TIFF – Uncompressed, mostly used for high quality/resolution color photos
JPG – Color Photos at a more manageable file size, with little quality loss
BMP – Typical Windows image file, similar to tiff file sizes, but less quality
PDF – Portable Document Format. An Adobe Acrobat file, similar to a multi-page TIFF
OCR – Optical Character Recognition. Produces an editable and searchable text file

Database creation and linking

Web-based repositories

Systems integration

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