Attorney Service

• Service of Process
• Court Messenger
• Filings, Deliveries & Research
• Private Investigations
• Small Claims
• Writs/Bank Levies/Garnishments
• Direct billing available
• Online ordering
• E-filing/service (where available)

Digital Document Services

• Image Capture
• Printing digital media
• CD Duplication
• E-Data discovery – certified concordance administrators
• Document hosting
• Database creation
• Web-based repositories
• Document exportation for trial
• Management Software
• Coding
• Group 4 Tiff/JPEG/PDF

In-House & Facilities Management

• Onsite document outsourcing (print, copy, mail, administrative support)
• Onsite litigation support
• Personnel, equipment and management

Record Retrieval

• Onsite productions
• Capture any type of source document
• Self-contained ensuring confidentiality and secured control
• Tabbing/Indexing with prefixed pagination
• Quality control with double-check accuracy
• Subpoena Preparation (all venues)
• Hard Drive/CD/DVD/Paper – support for ever changing world of litigation support
• Registered/bonded/professional deposition officers

Copy & Reprographics

• Litigation and High volume copying
• Digital Color & Black and White copies
• Electronic pagination and Bates labeling
• Color Brochures, Pamphlets, Booklets
• Large format prints
• Trial & Court Exhibits
• Mounting on foam boards
• Oversized documents & Blueprints
• Scanning large format to CD/DVD
• Binding
• Mobile Notary
• Trial Support Service
• Free pick-up and delivery

Our Services

  1. Service of Process

    We utilize both independent contractors and employees to handle your service of process needs. We have process servers available 24/7/365 days a year. All of our servers are trained, registered and bonded. Our service fees are a flat rate with all attempts included in the fee. Whether we make one attempt or ten attempts our service fee is all inclusive.

    We do a thorough review of your documents prior to going out for service. We will notify you immediately either by phone, fax, or email upon completion of the service or if we encounter difficulties or delays in completing your service.

    In addition, we have a network of affiliates on an overnight pouch delivery system to meet all the intra-state and inter-state needs, as well as a proven network of affiliates throughout the United States. This enables us to forward your papers in a prompt and efficient fashion. We also have international affiliates to handle your services virtually world wide.

  2. Court Messenger

    Court messenger service is available up to two times daily. Due course documents are picked up and delivered for filing by trained and experienced messengers (in the local court procedures). For documents not required to be “dropped”, our walk-through service is utilized. This system allows for 24-48 hour turnaround on documents that are walked through the courts. We scan each filing as follows:

    • picked up from your office
    • delivered to court
    • picked up from court
    • returned to your office

    This enables us to provide you with up to the minute status of your filings. You can also view these activities in our secured web site. Each of our messengers carries cellular phones and has check books in the event that the filing fees need to be advanced.

  3. Filings, Deliveries, & Court Research

    Knox is ready to provide filings and deliveries when and where you choose. Our dispatch center handles our fleet of over 75 automobiles and numerous bicycle messengers utilize cellular phone to ensure that we can satisfy all of your service needs. All of our messenger carry checkbooks in the event that your filing requires filing fees paid to the court. Our delivery service operates 24/7/365 days a year.

    • Messengers trained in local court procedures
    • Most extensive coverage of California
    • Extensive US affiliate network

    Knowing the intricacies of local courts can be a true asset—Knox can effectively conduct your important research at the courthouse. Whether you need to know the status of a filed document or you need a specific case file, Knox is the company to turn to.

  4. Skip Trace

    Knox operates a full skip tracing department. Guided by our experienced manager (over 40 years in locating and asset search), our skip tracing experts will search out corporations and individuals (with limited information, i.e. subject’s full name, last known address, date of birth, social security number, etc). In addition Knox provides:

    • Credit reports
    • Driver’s license reports
    • Fictitious Business Name
    • Civil & Criminal Court records
    • Real Estate/Property
    • Social Security
    • Asset searches
  5. Reprographics / Scanning Imagery

    Knox Copy Center is equipped with the latest print-on-demand reprographics technology that combines scanning, laser printing and photocopying for high speed printing directly from your digital files or hardcopy originals, including blueprint duplication.

    • Digital color and black & white copies
    • Litigation and High volume copying
    • Electronic pagination and Bate labeling
    • Color brochures, pamphlets, booklets
    • Large format color and black & white prints / trial exhibits
    • Mounting on foam core boards
    • Duplication of oversize documents and blueprints
    • Scanning large format to CD/DVD
    • Binding services- Velo, Comb, Plastic Coil, Acco fasteners and Binders
    • A wide range of exhibit tabs to finish off your projects.

    All our services include professional quality control to ensure that your project has been completed correctly and delivered to you on time.

    Our success in the reprographics industry comes from our long relationships with many public and private companies throughout the years and is evidenced by our consistency in performing at high levels of expectation within the legal industry. Our clients demand strict adherence to high quality, error-free work product while meeting tight deadlines. Knox Copy Center is managed by a team of individuals with almost sixty years of experience in performing these tasks.

  6. Electronic Data Discovery

    Electronic Data Discovery Services expand your ability to properly manage the ever increasing mass of evidence found on electronic media. Our turnkey Electronic Data Discovery Services include everything from data capture and extraction to providing our clients with a document management solution for the review of their E-Discovery jobs. We are able to consult our clients on the best Electronic Data Discovery procedures and assist with the entire discovery process.

    • Electronic Data Discovery: Examining, extracting, processing and production of any electronic data files from media sources (Hard Drives, CDs, DVDs, Tape Backups, etc).
    • Forensic Data Extraction: Extract data from an original source and preserve any and all metadata without altering the original source.
    • Deleted File Recovery: Find and recover items that may have been intentionally or unintentionally removed from a media source.
    • Email Extraction and Processing: Search email servers/data files and extract requested data. After extracted information is processed, it can be delivered in a customized searchable user friendly format.
    • File Conversion: Multiple digital (Excel, Word Perfect, PowerPoint, emails, etc) can be converted into PDF/TIFF documents. This allows the user to view all information in one standard format and eliminate the need to install multiple applications to review native documents.
    • Forensic Data Duplication: Create a forensic duplicate of your original material while preserving any and all metadata without tampering or changing any properties of the original source material.
    • File De-duplication: Compare files within a selected source and filter any duplicate files based on requested parameters.
    • Hosted Review: Let us host your next big data base with secure on-line review applications. Certified Concordance® administrators on staff.
  7. Imaging / Scanning
    Knox Services allows your business to have instant access to critical information, any time and anywhere. Starting this service in 1976, our experience in image capture is unsurpassed in the industry. We capture millions of images each year.

    We manage your documents from paper to electronic image and back again. Our imaging services include:

    • Image Capture
      • On-site or in our facility
    • Direct printing of your digital media available
    • Paper Direct
      • Auto Scanning – 200dpi to 400dpi – B/W – Group IV Tiff
      • Color Scanning – 100dpi to 1200dpi – Tiff, JPG, BMP and other
    • Paper to microfilm
      • 16mm B/W microfilm – up to 2,500 pages per roll
      • Microfilm to digital
      • 16mm or 35mm
      • Scanned at 200dpi to 400dpi
      • B/W TIFF Group IV or Grayscale JPG
    • Digital File output
      • TIFF Group IV – Non-proprietary image format. B/W Documents
      • Multi-Page TIFF – More than one page/image per file, similar to a PDF
      • TIFF – Uncompressed, mostly used for high quality/resolution color photos
      • JPG – Color Photos at a more manageable file size, with little quality loss
      • BMP – Typical Windows image file, similar to tiff file sizes, but less quality
      • PDF – Portable Document Format. An Adobe Acrobat file, similar to a multi-page TIFF
      • OCR – Optical Character Recognition. Produces an editable and searchable text file
    • Database creation and linking
    • Web-based repositories
    • Systems integration
  8. Record Retrieval
    • On-Line Order Entry and Work Order Status
    • Medical/Business/Employment Records
    • On-Site Scanning & Imaging
    • Large Document Production
    • X-Ray/Blueprint/Audio/Video Tape/DVD Duplication
    • Bates Labeling/Pagination/Indexing
    • Subpoena Preparation

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